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Monday, March 4, 2013

Death of a Child

I saw a news program that reported the death of a child here in Poland. The child died because the emergency service operator (or someone at the emergency center) decided that there was "no emergency" when the parent of this child called the emergency hot line. The ambulance did not come. The parents took the kid to the hospital where he died. If this isn't painful enough, the spokesperson for this ambulance service had the nerve to say at an interview that we should not jump to conclusions about this situation. Tragic. There is no other word. I hope the outrage of the parents sends them into action. The idiot that made this decision is culpable for the death of this kid. Period. It can be spun with many "what ifs", but the fact remains that this person at the ambulance service made a horribly bad call. And a bad call causes suffering and death when your job is to decide a course of action to save peoples lives. What was this person thinking? Why would ambulance service be denied? Did the operator think the caller was playing a joke? Did he/she think the parent was lying? There is no logical reason for denying emergency service.

To the person who denied this kid help ... I hope you are taking a good look at what you have done. If you have a conscious at all, you are probably in a lot of pain and I wish you strength and peace of mind. But I also hope and pray that you find another job. Something that does not require you to decide the welfare of others.

My heart goes out to the parents.

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