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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Driving Hell (a.k.a. Warsaw)

In the past three weeks, I have received a ticket for having no International Driving Permit, a speeding ticket thanks to the absurd road cameras that make people speed up even more once they drive past it, and a parking ticket based upon a no parking sign that clearly all 20 cars on the block did not see. I am in car hell here. It is at a point where I think I will go to Germany, get a license and a license plate and then return to Warsaw. This is actually seeming more and more logical. The police and other road cops here are simply ... how can I put it ... stupid. I don't know how else to explain it. They seem to have no mind of their own. They cannot use what intellect they may have to fully understand a situation. Maybe they are doing their jobs, but they are over zealous. They kinda remind me of California cops. And it doesn't take much research to find out that California cops have many, many issues.

To make matters even more crazy, I cannot renew my US Drivers' License from here because the state of Wisconsin has decided that I do not have any mail with a Wisconsin address on it. When I explained that I am here temporarily and have had all of my mail forwarded here, they got even more confused. Does Wisconsin and Poland have similar people working in the government? Maybe they are the same people. They certainly have the same intellect. There is no reasoning with these people. They see a single rule as being iron-clad and fully functional. No use pointing out the fallacy or absurdity of the law. Although many people besides me have tried, the worker in these offices are brain dead. They are powerless and are not allowed to think.

As you may have noticed, I am pretty disgusted with a lot of things right now. Maybe all of my bad luck is happening at the beginning of the year. Maybe 2013 will get better later. I hope so. Otherwise, it is time to get the hell out of here. Living in Warsaw is extremely difficult sometimes. The worse part is that it doesn't have to be this way. So many people I know living in Warsaw say the same thing: "Why is it so hard to live here?!" I am feeling this to the core. It is just too hard. The worse part is that people here accept it. I think they may not realize there is a better way.


  1. how is it there are they nice to black men? are the women inetrested?

  2. "The worse part is that people here accept it. I think they may not realize there is a better way."

    I agree.

  3. They accept it because it used to be much worse. It's improving, though slowly.