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Monday, February 11, 2013

Cable/Satellite TV

These companies seem to be the same greedy, unreliable, "highway robbing" type of companies everywhere. I know for sure they are similar in Poland and the US. The service provided is so below any level of expectations that it is absurd. It would be almost laughable to spend money on this service if it wasn't for the fact that one does not really have a choice if they want to have a variety of programming. These companies lack real competition. Until this changes, we can expect to be treated in the same manner that they have always behaved. I know a change is somewhat happening in the US as these companies are now being held a little more responsible for their "lack" of action. Not so in Warsaw.

Our dealings with Cyfra Plus has be absolutely a nightmare. They are, without a doubt, the worse I have ever seen. If you move to Warsaw, do yourself a favor and choose any other company. This company is worthless. When one calls their "help" line, one should be prepared to be transferred, given another number to call or worse, given the wrong solution to your problem. We have had to call this company well over ten times in the past month. It wasn't until we yelled and threatened them that they fixed the problem. When asked what the problem was, they did not know! Our signal would not work and all of a sudden it worked after threatened to cancel the contract. Hmmm.

Also a note of caution. The so-called CI card that should descramble the signal from Cyfra Plus does not work on all channels. Why? Because then one has to rent their box descrambler for a monthly fee. My next move? Universal descambler ... fuck Cyfra Plus.

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