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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Fight

Saw a rather old guy fighting a rather young man at a tram stop today. Actually, the older guy was around 50 and the young guy was around 20. The sad and sick part to me was that the 40 year old seemed to have started the conflict. For whatever reason, he decided to take a swing at a 20 year old. What I found really odd is how the young guy decided that he should just walk away. He actually got hit in the face at one point, but his friend came over and they walked away. This was odd to me because I have seen this type of thing in Atlanta or New Orleans and the outcome is generally different. I do not know the background of what may have been going on between these two people, so for all I know, it could have been a father and son. However, my past observations in the US with a fight is that it does not stop until someone gets very hurt or the police arrive. As I watched this event happen, I kept thinking that I would have just taken the older guy and threw him into the wall or some other type of over-reaction. I learned a lot from watching this altercation today. I think I too will practice more self-restraint in all my affairs ... whether it be restraint of pen, tongue or fists.


  1. It is often so hard to just walk away quietly when someone insults you but we all should learn a lot from this fight because solution like this is the best in lots of situations.
    Keep writing and be well!

  2. Actually, it rarely happens in Poland that a younger man would hit an older one. It's a matter of respect for older people that is a part of the Polish culture. It does happen of course when you're dealing with hooligans, but everyone else I can think of would just quit.