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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Needing a Christmas Spirit

I miss the decorations for Christmas in the US. I don't miss the crazy sopping and evil buyers in the states, but the way shops decorate in the US did give a good feelings. In Warsaw, there are a few lights here and there. The Old Town has done a very good job in decorating the area and a few of the larger buildings in the City Center also have some decoration. But, there is not a full sense of making things light up. Even if one is completely against the idea of making everything sparkle at this time of year, the lights could relieve some of the low feelings that seem to come along each day as it gets dark at 4pm. Of course, many of the business owners here will say there is no money. There is money for designer bags and designer shoes and lots and lots of alcohol, but there is no money for Christmas lights.

So, I will put up my own lights. Either my neighbors will mock me or join me. Either way, I need a taste of the season right now and I am willing to take the risk.


  1. Hey, I am Polish girl and I've just noticed this blog. Only wanted to say that I'm really glad you decided to write about your experience here. I regret that I didnt see this blog earlier and hope you enjoy living in Poland. I rue that there are not many afro americans and hope that it will be changing over time :)
    And about Cristmas lights: Keep changing Warsaw with your own lights and maybe other ppl will take a leaf out of your book hehe :)

  2. Catholics observe Advent before Christmas, which is a very solemn period dedicated to meditation and self-reflection. It's similar to Lent. My religious friends are really angry at all the Christmas lights in foreign shops and malls. They genuinely hate it! It hurts their religious feelings and makes the very spiritual period all about shopping. It also ruins the usual rhythm of seasons. Poles decorate their Christmas tree as late as the Christmas Eve, which normally marked a sharp transition of seasons from the solemn Advent to the joyous Christmas. Today, with all the shopping malls dressed up, it feels like we're late to the party.