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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Angry Shop Worker

There is a unique life in the underground area of Central Station. I have seen the change in the area over the past two years. There has truly been a revolution of sorts. When I arrived two years ago, it was pretty awful. It smelled and there were some very seedy and crazy characters down there.

As the transformation began, I wondered how it would really change. To be specific, there were some changes for the better ... but, some things stayed exactly the same.

First the changes: more upscale shops and businesses. Starbucks' presence may be disgusting to some, but a Starbucks speaks volumes of the direction in which the area is moving. There are cheesecake stores and cosmetic stores and Coffee Heaven and convenience stores for tourists and people who travel through this place on a daily basis.

There is a reason these stores seem to be doing well: Customer Service.

And this brings me to the things "unchanged": old shops with their old attitude ... in other words, they could care less about the customer.

I am amazed and somewhat shocked when I attempt to buy something from one of these old shops and the angry shop person behaves as if you are interrupting her time. Just today, one owner just let me stand there before she decided to close her shop.She literally closed the window as I stood there about to ask for a purchase. On more than one occasion, I have left items on the counter in certain shops under Central Station and took my business to another shop. I am amazed that they just don't get it. Maybe they do not need much revenue to survive. Maybe the owner doesn't know that his/her worker is losing business.I have no idea. I am told it is a "holdover" attitude of a past era.

As for the lady who shut her store in my face ... I am the person who put the sign on your window that says "God loves you".

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