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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jay Z and the Tram

I was coming home from work by tram as usual and as I was standing on the crowded and less-than-usual smelly tram, I heard Jay Z coming from the conductors area. As I got closer, I had to laugh. Here was a middle aged Polish guy, dark sunglasses (although it was dark and raining outside), headsets on and the volume so loud I could hear it from several feet away and through a door. He was smiling and and nodding his head! Unlike many of the tram drivers, he seemed to be in no real rush. He was just moving along.

Tram drivers here can be a nasty lot. They often stop and start the trams to see how many people will fall over ... or so it seems. They approach intersections with a vengeance and if you are a car waiting at the light, be ready for the irritating tram horn to blow until you are able to move. I believe the driver thinks that the horn will make every car move faster. It is very strange to me.

There are the good drivers too. These are the ones who wait for you if they see you running for the tram. These are the ones who start and stop with a little grace.

The Jay Z tram conductor belongs to the latter.

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