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Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican Convention

In the paraphrased words of a famous and intelligent writer: Hate changes nothing. Never did and never will.

I see so many people getting really angry with the American political race for president. The truth of the matter is that it is all spin. America is well and will be so in the foreseeable future. America is as well as many other countries. This insane idea that America must be the best or it fails is such insanity. Politics are fun to watch, but they cannot be taken seriously. All of these people are very wealthy and could really care less about the welfare of others. I have to say that the Republicans seem to be the most selfish. Fear is at the root of their message. Why are these people choosing to live in fear?

As I watch the Republican Convention, the thing that sticks with me is how out of touch they are with America. This idea that America looks and behaves a certain way is a throwback to the time when we were so block headed that we couldn't see how we were destroying ourselves and our culture. It has taken a very long time for this country to really be inclusive. And whereas we have a long way to go, the Republicans are determined through sheer hate to pit a stop to this progressive attitude. Living in Europe is an eyeopening experience. I see just how funny America is. Funny and sad.

And to have Clint Eastwood as a speaker of sorts? This is typical of the manipulation and hypocrisy of this political party.  Anyone familiar with Eastwood's politics must be scratching their head by now. What is Clint up to? He must have a movie coming out soon. Here is an actor whose movies supports violence and guns. We are still of the belief that a bigger gun is a better way. Violence solves nothing. It just produces more violence. Always has, always will.

America seems to be like a small child who simply will not learn from its mistakes. Barak Obama has had the unique experience of life and study of life. Well educated in school as well as life. He has the perspective I feel is beneficial to people. Mitt cares only about Mitt. Money is his driving force.

Obama has his faults. But, what I really like is that he doesn't seem to be greedy and he does feel his job is to protect and to help. Helping others. Help others. Care about others. Thank God most of America sees through this awful Republican message of hate, greed and selfishness. It is a most sickening message. It is a dangerous message.

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