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Saturday, August 25, 2012

OJ Simpson

I had to do some research for a project and it involved researching the OJ Simpson Trial. What an experience.

The memories of that time in the states came back to me immediately and with a rush of negative feelings. I remember the divisive nature of the times. I remember how everyone I knew had a strong opinion on the case as well as its outcome. I remember that the LA police were not the effective force they truly thought they were. This event had so much drama in it (love, hate, money, fame, racism, lawyers, etc) that one could not sit aside and just watch. One had to be emotionally involved in it.

The problem I encountered here in Poland is that I had to explain this case to people who really had no idea of the sheer magnitude of the event. In the States, it was very big. In Poland in the mid-90's, there were more serious things going on.

It made me realize once again how influential the media in the states was in my life. I had to look at this case for what it really was. I could not communicate the gravity with which the trial affected me because there was no way to translate this circus to people who see through bullshit. And, in the end, the trial was really bullshit. As one commentator on American TV said, "If OJ was a mechanic, no one would have cared about this case." I tend to agree.

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