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Friday, September 7, 2012

Amber Gold

WTF? This one really sets me off. This guy decided it was OK to steal money from the elderly? What's worse is that I have talked to some people here that blame the people who got robbed: "perhaps they should have paid more attention to the contract they were signing". Pretty sick stuff ...

God knows America has its share of corporate thieves. And many have been put behind bars. I hope the same for this guy from Amber Gold. The talk seems to be that he could not act alone. Proving it may be another story though. Putting him in jail in the meantime is a pretty good idea. Perhaps he can do less harm from there.

I fail to believe that someone somewhere with some authority did not know what this man was doing. Somebody knew. Whoever he/she is deserves the same harsh punishment that should come the way of the culprit. The bystander is every bit as guilty.

There seems to be little talk of the sheer madness of this situation. I almost feel as if people are afraid to talk about it. There seems to be an accepted protocol that one must be careful talking about it. I don't accept this. I think there needs to be more and more talk about it so that this never happens again.

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