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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living far Away - Not what is said, but what is done ... that is the key

The holiday season has come and gone and the one thing I know for sure is that a good holiday for me is when I miss people back home and have gratitude for the people in my life here and now. One without the other does not feel very good.

I was thinking about the fact that being here in Warsaw has demanded that I see the good that I have in my life. It really is a paradigm switcher. I have found that the true friends I have are always in my life. These are the people who make the small effort to call me internationally. These are the people I make the effort to call internationally. Being here has made me take a long, hard look at who I want to have in my life.

The other side is looking at and cherishing the relationships I have here. I am blessed here with a beautiful woman whom I love. I am blessed with a few good friends that I can talk to and depend on.

The most interesting development has been how I make friends and acquaintances here. Because I do not speak Polish ( ... and yes, shame on ME!), I must rely on the actions of others and not their words. They too must use my actions and not what I say. It is through the actions that I get the feeling of whether a person is someone I choose to befriend. I have met several English speaking people here that I do not wish to befriend. The same goes for several non-English speaking people. For me, the truth is that actions do speak louder than words.

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