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Friday, January 13, 2012

American Politics from Far Away ... Thank God!

Have to say it ... looking at the Republicans go at each other in the US is fun as hell. I am grateful I do not have to be bombarded with the nonsense being practiced over there, but looking at the behavior of these candidates every now and then is quite fun.

Let's start with Mr. Santorum. Take a moment right now and google "santorum" ... it will sum up everything I feel about this man.

The list of female candidates has dwindled. This is OK because the two that were involved were certifiably crazy.

This leaves (in my opinion) Romney, Paul and a few others. It doesn't matter because with this field, Obama will have a second term. This is really great news because Obama has pissed of the right-wingers. Interpretation? He is doing something to help others who really need help.

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