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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Being Here

I have been asked why I am here in Poland. The simple and truest answer is love. I met a woman that is Polish. She lived in warsaw and I moved here to be with her. I have met a number of people (all men) who have given the same reason. I also left the US because I wanted to live somewhere different before I left this Earth. I never had a clue that it might be Poland, but I am glad I am here.

There have been some difficulties ... adapting to the language (I still speak almost no Polish), understanding the culture ( saying "hello" to strangers didn't go too well when I first got here), appreciating the food (actually, this wasn't a problem at all!).

However, all things considered, it has been an easy adjustment for me. I have heard of a couple of people from the West who could not make it here. They were too homesick or too "whatever" to make this home. I have found that my life in the US was pretty much the same as it is here with a few wonderful changes (that will be the topic of another blog). Most notable, my fiancee.

A Black man from the US in Poland is a rare thing. I have seen perhaps a few, but had no opportunity to speak with them. When I see the next one, I will make the effort. I need to find out his feelings about "standing out in the crowd". As someone commented, standing out in the crowd is not always a bad thing. But, some days., I just feel so completely different that I have to make an effort to remember that I am part of the human race as well as the Black race. I think living here actually makes me a better person and for that I am grateful.


  1. Thanks for the insight into your life Joel. Romance is a great reason to move anywhere, always follow your heart. I moved here for my wife and son. Its only been two weeks but i love it and have no regrets.

  2. I'm about to move to Warsaw after completing a TESOL course. Well, in August this year, if all goes well. I am so excited!