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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Warsaw

I am not too sure (as a matter of fact, I am not sure at all!) if this entry has anything to do with being Black in Poland. But it is Christmas and I feel compelled to write about it.

As far as I can see, Christmas here resembles the States in many ways: lots of rushing around with lots of fuss to get everything that is "needed". The malls are overcrowded and so are the supermarkets. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to go and be somewhere. As the days go by, I know it will come to a halt //// then I will say "OK ... what now?"

I am so American when it comes to Christmas. I feel a lost to the real meaning of it. I shop, I cook, I wish Merry Christmas (or "Happy Holidays" to my non-religious but trapped friends) to most people. Then I sit and wonder why I feel depressed or wondering what is so wrong with all of this.

I have to change my attitude. Being "different" here makes me realize just how "the same" we all are. At this time of year, I now feel the similarity of us all. We all want to be a part ... to be loved ... to give love ... to be happy, joyous and free.

Merry Christmas all ... even if you don't believe .... Merry Christmas!

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  1. hello, Im Marta from Poland, but from Trójmiasto, it's on the North. When Im reading your blog I begin to be a little scared and sad. People from around the world are always telling me they like Poland. But I know it is no so colourful. I wish Poland could be more open and tollerant. But it's not. Well... I hope someday you will feel like in the U.S and just say 'damn, it's not so bad' haha ;) My dream is to go to U.S and know your culture! Take care!