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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old Polish Ladies - Part II

Every now and then, I meet someone who has a tremendous impact on me for a lifetime. I love when this happens ... especially if it is a chance meeting as well as a brief one.

I recently ran into an old Polish lady in my courtyard and she has had that impact upon me.

I have written previously about the odd looks I get from the old Polish ladies as I go out Warsaw. I still get those looks: "Who are you?" or "What are you doing here?" 

The old lady in my courtyard is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Each morning around 6, she exits her building with a joy and energy that I hope to have when I am here age. She speaks to me in Polish and even before my fiancé eventually explained to me several weeks later what the old lady had said, I knew it was a positive message. I liked this lady from the moment I saw the energy in her eyes. She always had pep in her step and a sparkle in her eye.

I often wonder how a person becomes so positive since I have to work at it each day. By nature, I am not an overly positive person. Maybe that is why I am so attracted to positive people and made a decision a while ago to start each day in a positive attitude. It works for me ... it really does.

This old lady tells me each time I see her that life is good and to have a good day. She tells me that she thinks I am cool and she likes me. She tells me that a person is never too old or too hurt or too tired or too "whatever" to see life as the wonderful gift that it is.

I thank this old Polish Lady for teaching me this lesson that I will carry for the rest of my life.


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  3. I think that a lot of positive people have to be too survive “be positive or go crazy”
    One of our friends is the most positive person I know. Her mother died when she was 15 leaving her to look after her father and bring up her 12-year-old sister. She is a ray of sunshine, lighting up everyone’s life.
    Here's something I wrote about being positive in Poland