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Friday, December 31, 2010

Racist Images

I have come across several photos or images in Warsaw that I have found offensive. I stop and stare and wonder if I am the only person who has seen this and am feeling a little outraged? I see these types of image in restaurants or supermarkets The image above is from the coffee section at a very large French chain of supermarkets in Warsaw. As I went down my favorite aisle ... the coffee aisle ... I saw this smiling Sambo-like picture on a coffee product. There was another can with a dancing, smiling, red-lipped, overweight Black man. Immediately I thought "What the f*#k?!!!!!". I stood there and stared and thought for awhile. Does the person in charge even know how insulting this is to me? Do I find him/her and tell him/her how insulting this is? Would this person even care? Is this just Polish Culture? Is it just true ignorance? In the end, I did nothing ... except buy the coffee. For the record, it is quite good!

As time has passed since this awakening, I have let it go. I do have to choose my battles and I do not have the energy to fight this. I say "fight" because that is what I imagine it would be. Maybe it is insulting only to an American Black man ... I am not sure.

More recently, I went to an American-styled restaurant in a park here. There was an old fashioned advertisement on the wall for some product ... it was a little, smiling Black girl with huge white teeth and ruby-red lips eating a watermelon ... I laughed, thought about buying it ... and welcomed Tyler Perry to Warsaw.


  1. Pick your battles is right. I told my daughter's nanny for the 1000th time today to please stop calling her brown baby doll bambo murzynek. Ughhh!

  2. True, picking your battles is right. But if you objected to the image, I can't figure out why you bought the coffee. Doesn't that somehow support or at least silently condone the advertising you object to? I'll pay more attention to the images on food advertising, thinking of this post. I certainly haven't seen this coffee anywhere here so far.

    All the best and keep posting!