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Monday, September 6, 2010

Are you following me?

Yes, I have that thought often. Maybe I am just being paranoid. Or maybe I am too sensitive. Or maybe I am just so self involved and self concerned, I think people are watching me. Whatever the case, I still feel a sense of being watched when I go into a department store or any place in the mall.

The security people seem to look at me strangely. I know this could definitely be a by-product of the blatant racism in parts of the US. I am used to getting followed in department stores there. As a matter of fact, I would often play games with security and pick up an item in one section only to put it into an entirely different section of the store. With the increased use of video cameras, it is particularly fun. I can observe the guy on his earpiece talking to control and wondering what the hell I am doing. Clearly, I had a lot of free time then.

Nonetheless, I find the same atmosphere in Poland. Maybe the security guys have been trained to watch my "type". If that is the case, I feel sick to my stomach as well as sick and tired of this kind of crap.

If I am paranoid, please excuse me for having some issues.

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