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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


There are days like today when I feel lost.

I look around and I do not speak the language and I feel as if I am truly wandering a foreign land ... which I am. Of course, it is my responsibility to learn the language so that I may become more independent and responsible in the country that I have presently chosen to live in. That is the right thing to do.

But today, I feel like a stranger. I feel eyes on me and the wonder of small kids and elderly adults. What is missing from here for me? It is people of color. I won't even say it is Black people. I just have a craving to see and talk to anyone with a different culture. There are a few of us around and I can make an attempt today to speak with some of them. But what do I say?"Hello person of color! I am craving to talk with one of us". It feels too much like I am from the moon or something.

The lesson is that I am here with people who share the same hopes, dreams and fears that I have. I am looking at the outside. I am looking at cosmetics. Look deeper.

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