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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Post Office

This one is not necessarily race specific ....

America and Poland seem to have many things in common. Capitalism, greed, a sense of humor, fanatical people with their religion ... I have experienced The Post Office.

Went to get a package tonight. They could not find it! Do they not have a numbering system or are they stupid ... or, most likely, it was a few minutes before closing and like any good civil servant, they were too damn lazy to look for it. Just like America. The Post Office is a study in why there needs to be a free market and healthy competition. If the Post Office had real competition, I am positive most people would never return to The POst Office as it is today. There is a reason a new word has come about in The States ... "to go Postal". I believe you have to be a little crazy to sustain any amount of time working in a place like that. They are rude, lazy and have absolutely no sense of humor. No one in the entire place is in a good mood. What makes working there so stressful and sad? Is it the pay? The hours? Do they hire people aho seem to hate everyone including themselves?

They couldn't find the package ... what a crock of crap.

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