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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weird Work Situations

I am not sure how to explain this, but here is a try: my experience with Polish businesses has been that once something concerns money, they become "creepingly" quiet. I really don't know how else to say it. I have had dialogue via email, text and phone with perspective individual and group clients in the planning stage of a project. Things go well and there is often honest dialogue regarding expectations and goals. Then we discuss money. I literally do not hear from these clients again. I presently do some work for a company and I will get emails all day if there is a new project. I mention payment and the emails stop. Literally stop. No response to inquiries. No email explaining that the project is on hold or they are working with someone else. Whereas I used to get really angry, I can now laugh at this behavior. It is the behavior of a child. A frightened child that runs and hides.

I have figured out that I must discuss money or pay at the very beginning. That way, there isn't a barage of emails and calls that are fruitless. So, if you find yourself stuck wondering "what happened?", chances are it has to do with money. Money is very different here. Just pay attention to the news. The normal "cry" of politicians and many, many people is that Poland is a poor country. "There is no none!" Bullshit! There is money here. Look at the construction and renovation going on around the city. But as long as the masses are convinced there isn't, the people making the money can continue to line their pockets.


  1. Actually it's because they must gather several competitive offers before choosing a product or service provider. If they didn't choose you it means that you were more expensive than others or they had a person they wanted to give that job to in the first place but were required to hold an official offer competition anyway. I too don't like preparing so many offers for nothing but it's a part of this kind of job here. Many institutions aren't allowed to work differently. I usually try to judge whether a client is seriously interested in cooperation or just asking for a quote. As you've noticed, starting with money saves you time.


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