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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Car Mechanics

There is most definitely a similarity between car mechanics in Poland and car mechanics in  the US: I don't trust any of them. Can they be trusted in any country for that matter?

We have a mechanic here in Warsaw that has had our car for the past week and when we asked yesterday what work had been done, he told us that he had not begun work on it and was waiting for a certain part. Later that day, the part came, but it was the wrong part so the car was still not ready. All I could do was scream ... and go to his shop and get my car and be ready to argue. There is no way on earth I will pay this man anything. The situation is not new. I have had to deal with crazy mechanics in the US. What is it about this type of business that seems to breed corruption and insanity?

Clearly, the only mechanic I will partly trust are the ones that work at a dealership ... and I am not too sure about them either.

I know I am generalizing, but if I have dealt with 10 mechanics in my lifetime, 9 of them tried to cheat me in some way. It is disgusting. I have a lower stress level going to a dentist than a mechanic. That puts it all into perspective for me.

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  1. Oh man I wish I could stroke your head to make you calmer about it haha. I think that the best way to not stress about a mechanics issue, would be having one between friends. Maybe then he wouldn't dissapoint us. But I'm talking about perfect situation. I seem you have to caress your car everyday and ask it to not break anymore! :D