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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have to write this and I don't want to write this.

Had to visit a hospital here in Warsaw and I just want to say that if I ever get sick, I pray that I do NOT have to go to this place. Never have I seen such a thing. From the nurses to the doctor, there was a complete lack of patience, aptitude and just plain courtesy and common sense.

Firstly, there was no air conditioning in a place for sick people. It was at least 95F and they had sick people sleeping on plastic sheets. One doctor refused to open a window because the wind would "blow away his papers" on his desk. I had an overwhelming desire to choke a doctor and make him sleep on plastic sheets.

Secondly, the arrogance and passivity. The nurse and doctor just stood there and wold not give information. I was standing there when all of a sudden all of my "American" came out. I got loud and demanding. Obnoxious as this was, it worked. For some reason, I have often had to deal with workers here who have the attitude that anyone asking a question is invading their space and disturbing them. What a crock of crap. In no uncertain terms, I made it known you will answer me ... even though we couldn't understand each other. This nurses attitude quickly changed to helpful.

Sometimes you just have to be an ass here in Warsaw. Bank workers give the same disgusting attitude. They behave as if they have power. The same for the government worker. As always, power is perception. I have learned that an approach with pure and cutting assertiveness (perhaps bordering on aggression) to these types creates a mutual understanding that we are on a level ground. In reality, I have no power. But, when they think I do, they change their attitude.


  1. Can I ask why you deemed yourself to being assertive
    (Bordering on aggressive) and do you think that is a negative thing?