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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Color in Warsaw

One thing the Euro 2012 has done for Warsaw is bring more color to the city. Not just with the ads ... but with people. I have seen people from so many places recently. It is very refreshing. I have to say again that sometimes I feel so "displayed" here. There simply are very few non-Poles. But, the Games have brought people I would not normally see in my every day encounters and I find myself even staring sometimes. I wonder if the people I stare at feel the same way I do when I am stared at during the winter? I usually think that the person is thinking what the hell are you doing here in his weather ion January?

I have seen only one offensive accident since the start of the Games. Since I did not attend any games, I spent some time at the FanZone. The ugly accident was a quick thing where some drunk assholes decided to pick a fight with some guys from Spain (at least, I think it was Spain … it could have been Portugal because I could not see their scarves … every fan seems to have a scarf with their country/team on it). It was rather pointless and ended almost before it started. Nonetheless, the Police were well aware of all of it.

Another wonderful thing that has happened is all the volunteers. On every corner (or so it seems) in central Warsaw, there is a person with a bright vest on with the letter i on it. This person was always willing to help you find your way around. In my case, the bus routes kept changing because of the Games and I found these volunteers to be very accommodating.

These are just some of the things that I hope will stay around after this celebration is finished. All in all, it was a very good time!

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