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Monday, April 16, 2012

English Speaking Theatre

Having been here for two years (almost), I am seriously craving English speaking theatre.

There was some movement in this area a few months as a theatre group here almost come out of hiatus to produce some theatre for the English-only people here. Unfortunately, it never got off the ground because there was little to no interest in doing it by the theatre community as well as the corporations that would support such an adventure. This is truly sad and "unenlightened" to this writer.

Warsaw has the real potential to be an international city. The Euro games are here this summer and this will put a spotlight on the city. However, it seems the city (or those who make decisions for the city) do not have the ability to see potential. They seem to be more focussed on what they can get from the city. When I think of places around Europe that are truly cosmopolitan, Warsaw falls very short mainly because of the lack of new thought and the ability to recognize the need for diversity and the arts. Warsaw isn't alone in the world with this type of thinking. In the US, there is Minneapolis or Milwaukee. These are cities with a thriving arts community but is still many years behind the world in understanding the power and beauty of diversity. I understand that an arts organization must respect and consider the wants of its constituency. They could not survive without doing so. But incest cause retardation. These cities continue to use the same artists with the same work and doing the same type of art. The result is well funded work, but absolutely boring.

I have to say I think London and New York have a real grasp of the use of diversity in art. These cities have to because of its population. I see in Warsaw a chance to be bright and open and challenging in its art scene, but there is no real understanding of how important it is. Warsaw needs someone with foresight in the arts that can move the collective conscience to a better and progressive understanding of the value of diversity. This can start with English Speaking theatre.

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