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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Driving in Warsaw

I have to make still another post about driving in Warsaw. All that can be said about driving in this city has already been said ... that is, all the angering stuff ... but, I have one more ...

I have a fantasy of buying a large, messed-up truck and purposefully hitting every car that is parked half way into the street. Have you ever tried to turn a corner and some idiot has parked his car in such a way that you have to make a very wide turn and then stop, back up and then move forward because the cars on either side leave barely enough room to get through? I understand that the streets are narrow in many places. But this is no excuse for the arrogant ass that insists or believes no one will dare hit his car.

I am buying a truck ... forewarned is forearmed ...


  1. Hi there!
    My life has been a mess lately and it's some time ago, since I thought to write something here. I follow your blog and I have to tell you that the life of a "black man" in Warsaw is very close to the life of a "Spanish man", jajajaja. I enjoy your blog and your awesomeness (I'm not sure if it is correct) about Polish life. Sometimes I thought I was living in another planet.
    Yeah, freezing, thinking my beloved region close to the sea at the mediterranean coast,... but also enjoying some funny points of Polish live.
    Well, now I got a job at home and I'm back in Spain, but I will be between both countries. So, really, if you like the idea, we can meet in Warsaw. For the next time, I'll be in April (just in a month; please God do the spring start before my arrival!!!). We can have a beer with our girlfriends (clearly, the best product in Poland), make some jokes about Polish and laugh.
    Pozdrawiam man!

  2. Thank you for your comments! Let me know when you are next in Warsaw ...