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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Butter Obsession

I have noticed an obsession with butter here. Maybe I am not seeing clearly, but I swear the people I have seen in the supermarkets here buy an unusual amount of butter. There was a lady in front of me at the grocery today. She bought a loaf of bread, sugar ... and seven blocks of butter. I realized that I have seen this buying behavior before in Warsaw and this time it hit me: butter is a staple here. My fiance puts butter on every single food item that will hold it - bread, eggs, veggies, meat, fish, sandwiches. She had me convinced that our dog likes butter. In all fairness, our dog will eat anything. But to offer him a piece of bread and then say, "wait a minute Teddi (our dog) ... let me put some butter on that for you!" is a bit much.

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