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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Central Station

Was passing Central Station in Warsaw as I do everyday and was bombarded with a massive ad for H & M Department Store. Wow! It seems that an ad can be put just about anywhere in this city. In the US, several jurisdictions have curtailed the use of billboards. In the beginning, I thought this was ridiculous. But after seeing the abomination at Central Station, I think it is a good idea to curtail billboards. Whatever reason the owners of this place have cannot possibly be justification for the stain this ad puts on the face of Warsaw. The central area of a capital city should have character. The city should be recognizable from a photo. With all the artists and designers that Poland possesses, some greedy "genius" decided it would be better to have an enormous ad rather than a beautiful work of art that helps establish Warsaw as the cultural city it is. Right now, it looks like a commercial.


  1. Couldn't agree more - saw this and couldn't believe the lack of imagination. It's just what Brezhnev would have wanted :)

  2. Poles are tired of this as well, but - somehow nobody hates this as much, as much people profiting from this wants the law to be as it is.

    Some examples how other places in the world would look like, if they were in Poland. Makes me sad.