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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Runner

For the past several weeks, I have been running every other day. Since the weather here has been so delightful and we seem to be experiencing a prolonged summer, I have decided to get outdoors and exercise as much as I can. Experience has shown me that I cannot jog in a Polish winter. I simply do not have that type of determination and willpower.

However, I have met someone who has ... and to be honest, it is embarassing and motivating at the same time. There is a man that runs at the outdoor field at which I run. He is out there twice (yes twice!) per day. He runs at least 7 or 8 laps around a track that I will calculate to be a quarter mile. I run/ walk these laps myself. He often runs pass me. 

None of this would be amazing weren't for the fact that this man has to be at least 70 years old! Every time I am out there running, he is out there running. I am beginning to wonder if he just doesn't live on the field somewhere.

He runs his laps and then proceeds to strip down to his underwear and sunbath. As a "prudish" American, this seemed strange to me at first. Now, it is normal. The final straw is that this 70-year-old is in better shape than me! He is completely at ease with himself and his body ... or so it seems to this writer who considers himself to be a bit on the flabby side.

I learn a lot from this man.

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  1. "As a "prudish" American, this seemed strange to me at first."

    LOL Americans are somewhat prudish, indeed. Hopefully, you'll be cured here. ;)

    BTW Do you know that after the recent elections there will be two black politicians in the Polish parliament? One is John Godson from Łódź (born in Nigeria), who became an MP last year and was reelected now (came as 2nd in Łódź which is a great result). And the other will likely be Killion Munyama from Poznań (born in Zambia), who was 4th in Poznań. Both from PO (Civic Platform).