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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Recently our pet dog dies. His name was Bazyl. I miss him.

I was never one to really get attached to animals as I never had a pet when I was a kid. Since I have moved to Poland, I have definitely become a pet lover. One of the first things I noticed about Warsaw was the sheer amount of dogs people own here. There are owners who are very, very attached to their pet. Every now and then I read about some sick individual who has been cruel to an animal, but it is a rare occurrence, thank God. All in all, owners take good care of their pets as well as remain courteous to people in public who are not necessarily animal lovers.

When he died, his face was so specific that I will always remember it. He had cancer and it was very obvious that he was ready to leave this world. I had to question myself to see if I was truly hearing what he was sayiong. Was I truly getting a message from a pet? Am I crazy? No. He was very clear and I know what I heard and felt. It was a somewhat spiritual experience.

Bazyl also reminded me of my father. His behavior was weirdly and eerily similar to my Dad. He would look at me in a way that would give me chills because it reminded me of how my Dad would look at me when i was being crazy or silly. I cannot describe it except to say I know I was being sent a message.

Unfortunately, I could not attend my buddy Bazyl's funeral. I had to work. The people I work for had no one to replace me. Of course, i got angry. I wonder more and more about Polish business practices. I know a little about American business practices and how bosses can be so incredibly difficult, intolerant and cold. But America has some "built in" safety devices for employees that is lacking here in Poland. Workers here need protection in some way so that an employee can have an emergency day and not worry about his/her job. My experience here shows that this is not the case. More on this later ...

So, R.I.P my buddy. I will always remember you and the joy and laughter you brought to my heart even when i did not want to feel joy and laughter. I will remember you waking me up at any hour because you have to "go out". I will remember how bossy you were and how much I loved you for it.


  1. I don't know if you work on standard job contract ("umowa o pracę") - if you do - you have right to get a few days of "on demand" paid vacation (2 days each year if I remember correctly). On demand means you only need to inform your boss the day you won't show up to the work.

    These days count like normal paid vacation (so if you used one "on demand" day, you have 25 out of 26 days of normal paid vacation left (assuming standard umowa, and 40 hours work week).

    But some bosses make problems when people use these vacations.

  2. Sad news but a nice tribute.