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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Law and Order

A friend got arrested yesterday for driving without a license. He also had no current inspection papers in the car.

No doubt, this is his fault. He knew this situation could happen and it did. The problem I have right now is the behavior of the police. They would not let friend nor family speak with him. At this point, we have no idea what is going on. They were downright rude to one friend and told him he had to leave the police station.

This leads me to believe that the situation can go in ay direction the police decide. Where are the monitors of the police? Why are they not held accountable just as any other citizen or organization? When I was stopped by the police about a year ago, they accused me of being a drug dealer. I still laugh at this because the only and obvious reason they could have possibly thought this was possible was because of the color of my skin. Yet I had no recourse of action. I had to stand and let them find out for themselves.

The police have too much power. The police in the U.S. have the same ability as the police here except they are not as obvious about their power and arrogance. Many U.S. criminal attorneys help keep the police there at bay. Thank God. But here ... what can one do? It is a matter of remaining silent and pretending to be humble that will eventually get one what one wants in a bad legal situation. People seem afraid ... is it a holdover from a previous time in this country? Is it changing?

I think I will have to be here for some time to get a good feel for these types of situations ...

I have been here long enough to know that if I know the right person, things can happen in my favor. Corruption is alive and well here just as it is in the U.S.

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