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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cars and Arrogance

Those in Warsaw that drive expensive cars seem to be the most arrogant. Driving around at high speeds and disobeying road rules seem to be the norm for these types. There is similar arrogance in the States, of course, but it seems so very obvious here. These car people blow their horns at the slightest thing and seem to have an air of entitlement: get out of my way, You are too slow, This is my street and you are taking up space.

I live near a private school in Warsaw and the wealthy parents drive their kids to school each day. The behavior of these parents is disgusting. They block the street, they demand that others get out of the way, they drive very fast on a small street and seem to get angry if they have to wait to get out of the parking lot of the school. The kids are great ... but, I hope the school changes location as they have implied. The parents are simply too aggravating.

The mentality of "I have more than you" creates a false sense of importance here. For all the talk I have heard about "arrogant Americans", I can now see why that image is so disgusting. I see it in certain people here and it is certainly not pretty!

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  1. Europeans have their own bad behavior to answer too, trust me. I'm sure you know about the hooligan rumbles that happen at Soccer/Football matches in Poland? Its overtly racial too and the police don't seem to able to slow it down.

    I wouldn't sweat these new Rich in Poland, again its just people that were in the right place at the right time about the time the wall came down in Germany and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Plus its likely drug or crime related money anyway, not sure you want to get messed up in that.