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Friday, May 27, 2011

God's Children at Druga

I am unsure what to call the office on Druga Street in Warsaw that deals with people who want to legally stay in Poland and work ... I will call it Immigration.

I have had to go to this earthly hell a few times and each time the headache gets worse. Never have I met more stressed out and angry women than in this place. The women who work there (and all of the front line people I have had to meet with are women) are just basically full of venom and arrogance. I do not know if they hate their job or their boss is an asshole or they are just having a string of unending bad days, but they are extremely difficult for no apparent reason. They treat people like we are interfering with their life. They speak in harsh tones and believe this is OK.

My last visit as a battle of ego. This lady insisted on telling me how to sign my name. When I signed my name, she told me that wasn't a signature (which, by the way, showed that she did speak English). When I informed her that there is a difference between printing my name and signing my name, she got even more angry.

The problem is that I do not trust her. I wanted to get into a "discussion" about her attitude, but I know she has the power to delay my application and cause many problems. There is an aura from these workers that "I am in charge and you do what I say!". My last response to her was that "God indeed does love you in spite of yourself".

And then I stole her pen.



  1. I'm afraid the problem isn't unique to the particular office you describe. It's an all-Poland postcommunist clerk attitude. They're all so awful, and it's very difficult to get rid of the beaurocracy created by the previous system.

    Basically, a clerk is used to thinking that you're nothing and she's your overlord. She can make your life miserable, and she won't let you forget about it. You'd be surprised if you met the woman in private, where she'd appear a warm, helpful lady!

  2. Or is it "bureaucracy"? ;)