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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Taste of my Culture

I saw a young Polish guy a few days ago with some baggy jeans, his cap tilted to the side, and oversized shirt and a vey oversized hooded jacket. He had on some brand-named sneakers or boots ( I couldn't tell which ... but they were colorful). I immediately felt a warm flow. He looked like so many of the young people in the States that I felt a wave of homesickness.

It made me think of styles of and how so many styles of clothing I have seen in the African American culture make its way into mainstream. From there, I began to think about music and art and words as well. I see and hear Black American trends all the time. I find it so interesting that people seem to share these things and without realizing it, they begin to form connections to other cultures. When I look around with an "open and honest eye", I see cultures cross each other so very much.

We are more connected than we think ...

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