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Friday, April 22, 2011


I think I am ending my blog. I have recently found it more and more difficult to figure out what I would like to say. Honestly, I believe this blog has run its course. I started with the idea of sharing/evaluating my experiences as a Black man here in Poland. As the year has gone by, I am finding that I am living here as a just another person living life ... I am not seeing anything interesting enough to write. Maybe I am just stuck right now or experiencing some sort of block. I am not too sure what it really is.

Perhaps in a few weeks, something will become clear and I will continue. Until then ...


  1. A lot of people use blogs as a kind of electronic soap box, which is what I think your doing.

    Think of a niche you can exploit or experience you have which can help people. I'm sure you have lots of valuable advice for newbies in eastern europe.

    rock on dude!

  2. I agree with the above. Also, if you have better things to be doing than being on the internet (now that the weather is great the options are boundless) then head out, bring a camera, an open mind and share your experiences.