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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Observing Patriotism

One of the things I do not miss about the States is the sometimes overt patriotic displays. I am unsure if it is a stereotype or if it is true, but America is often seen as a place where folks are so very proud to be an American. Living in Poland, I am getting a different perspective on the behavior of Americans (or at least how the media portrays this behavior). I am not one of those flag waving Americans. Black people, I believe, have a very mixed feeling about the American flag and what it symbolizes. Whereas there has been tremendous progress in cultural relationships in the US, I also know that there has been a surge in hate groups in the US since the election of Obama. I love my country, but the people who wave the American flag as a symbol of superiority disgust me. Any person from any country who does so disgusts me.

I have noticed that Poles love Poland, but do not buy into the mentality of "Poland - love it or leave it!" There is a quiet and strong love of country and history here. I respect that and wish to emulate it in my behavior and feelings for my country.


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  2. But let's remember that not all flag wavers are waving the flag as a sign of superiority or with a "love it or leave it" attitude.

    My father (American) hangs the flag out every morning and brings it inside every evening. When we visit him he hangs a Polish flag next to it. He is proud of his country and I am proud of him for her service to the military.

    In Poland my children have a small American flag and a Polish flag and I try to teach them to be proud of their heritage :)