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Friday, September 17, 2010

Arrogance and a Corvette

OK ... had my first run in with a Polish asshole. I guess I should just say "asshole" ... but, since I am in Poland, I will label him as such.

As we were coming home, we needed to go down a certain street to get to our our street. Let me say up front that we were going down a one-way street. We were in the wrong for that. However, we do it because it is a short block and it saves a tremendous amount of time instead of having to drive completely around several blocks to get to our street.

As we came to the place to turn off of the one way street, this 50 something midlife crisis fellow (complete with tight pants, an open shirt, jewelry and sunglasses) was sitting in the middle of the street in his orange (yes, ORANGE!) corvette talking on his cell phone. He had to see us because our car was about 2 feet from his. He did not even look up. He just sat there. Even honking the horn did not make him look up.

After several cars behind him began to blow there horns, he decides to get out of his car and approach our car. This is where I began to "lose it". Clearly, he had no idea what he was doing. Maybe he was so blinded by his arrogance (or probably his low self esteem) that he came up to our window. I wish I could have told him that where I am from, he would have had a bullet in him at this point. Or at least a broken body part. As I yelled at him to get "the f#@k away from my car", he began to understand. He began to say something in Polish. Since I could not understand him and he was not understanding me, I decided to use the universal language of "the finger". My middle finger to be precise. This, he understood. This is where he really understood that he was indeed a jackass and he should get back in his car before something really bad happens.

I haven't seen him since this incident, although he mumbled something about living in the neighborhood at the time of the incident. Actually, I really don't want to see him. I am not sure how I would react. Chances are, I would say something and the issue would resurface and I would have to destroy his manhood (also known as his car).

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