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Friday, July 27, 2012

Uprising Museum

If you ever find yourself in Warsaw, make sure to visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum. It is well worth the trip. I must say however that you might need to be prepared for an overload. There are many, many things in this museum and I definite;ly did not get a chance to see it all in the two hours that I spent there. There are films, interactive displays, soumds and sights. There are original artifacts such as banners and a flag. As of today, they were adding a display that involved many rifles and guns. I had a moment of "zen"(for lack of a better word) because the young man carrying the historical rifle through the museum to the new exhibit was about the same age as many of the young people I saw in one of the films that were part of the forces that attempted to defend Warsaw. For a person such as my self, the museum offerded a clearer understanding of what happened. I think I need another visit that I might really understand in more detail this event.

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  1. I agree! A very moving museum. I always tell people, take Kleenex.