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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Warsaw Driving

After spending a few weeks in the States recently, it was very apparent that all of my complaining about US traffic was a matter of perspective. If an American complains about traffic and driving, I suggest that she/he drive in Warsaw for a few days. She/He will me far more grateful for driving in the States.

As I drive around Warsaw during these Euro 2012 games, I really don't see a difference in the traffic. I guess horrible traffic is horrible traffic in Warsaw, no matter what. I have to say "booooooo!" to the person or people who decided it was a good idea to put a bus/taxi lane on a two lane street that is already overloaded with traffic. Going to and from the airport is simply a nightmare and I suggest meditation before making the trip. Personally, I avoid this street. It is too much.

The driving presently in Warsaw seems to be even more aggressive. Although traffic jams remain unbearable, the aggression has taken a big bump up. I think drivers are angry or hungover ... or both.

I have taken to driving here with a lot of defense. If I am in a lane, it is MY lane and no one gets in. Stupid and childish, I know, but that is the mood I feel with the drivers around me. So, I fall right into the insanity. I use the bus lane and I use the turning lane to get ahead of a line of cars waiting in one lane to simply move forward. Then, the taxis have decided that they have the right to move in and out of their designated lane as well as stop and wait in an open lane in front of a pick up area. In many ways, I feel like I am in a competition of sorts. It is a sport.

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  1. You can take a bus/taxi lane in certain hours (check the signs). Most of the drivers don't know about it which is why they don't do it, but the signs are clear. Buses and taxis are not supposed to stay on the lane, so they can change them as they please. Why is it so? 70% of people living in Warsaw travel by the public transport, so it makes sense they should be given even half of a street.