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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Wonder ...

I will visit the US at some point this year and I am already wondering what differences will be apparent to me. I am not talking about the differences in the US. I am talking about how I have changed after being in Poland and Europe for the past couple of years.

The one thing I know will be different is the bombardment I will experience with the media. I am removed here from the craziness of the media because I do not speak Polish. This is definitely at positive. However, I do miss the media frenzy at times. When I do not have any real issues or drama in my life, I can always depend upon Fox News in the US to make me angry about something. They are extremely good at creating anger and fear. I miss the adrenaline rush.

Then there is the issue of diversity. The lack of diversity in warsaw used to really get to me. It doesn't so much anymore as I have become comfortable in my new home. But the US will show me again how completely complex people really are. All the differences ... and similarities. I look forward to having fresh eyes to see the wonder and beauty of diversity. I took it for granted for so long.

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  1. I will say that after being in Vienna for about 9 months and visiting the US, I feel a little detached from people. Also, the fact that I have been away living a decent life in another country, you can see how things have are getting worse and this was in January 2012. Basically you have higher prices, people are more annoying, I guess one thing that was good as being a foreigner you are a normal black guy in America.

    In Vienna it is annoying (I am getting to the point where I am used too it) when people look at you like they never see black people here (They do but it is not all the time).

    I am currently looking at another job as my contract with one is ending and I cannot renew it.

    Glad there is another Black American who is telling their time in a European country.