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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missing Home

As Autumn envelopes us here in Warsaw, my thoughts are turning towards home more and more. Not that there was really any tangible evidence of Fall where I am from, it is just that this time of years always makes me lethargic. I get these uneasy aches in my gut that I want to see home ... there is a longing I cannot explain. Warsaw is my home now. No doubt about that. I do enjoy life here for the most part. Despite the crazy politics and insane traffic, Warsaw does offer some good benefits: coffee shops, parks, great public transportation, lots and lots of theatre and art. These are all good. But, they all remind me that I am not from here. I am from very far away and have chosen to live here for better or for worse.

It is not possible for me to make a day trip to my birthplace. I find myself looking at pics of my birth city on the internet and follow that up with a call or two to old friends. None of this squashes the ache that lingers. Although the edge is taken off, the ache is still present. I look at flights and prices and sigh. Cost prohibitive for a week's stay. So, what do I do?

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