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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Issue of Payment

This has to be my last "negative" blog for awhile. I have found that the last several blogs all concerned things here that I find difficult to deal with ... something irritating and not to my liking.

With that said, I need to write about the seemingly accepted behavior of many companies here that feel it is OK to either pay their employees late or not at all. Recently, I have had an experience with this as my significant other has been dealing with a company for which she has done work over a month ago and this company is now being very elusive in paying her. She handles this type of situation with more discretion and serenity than I ever could. Anything short of immediate payment is unacceptable to me. With the things she knows about their business practices, she could easily ruin their reputation on so many levels. Yet, they seem to feel assured that she would never do such a thing. I guess they are relying on some accepted fear or pseudo-respect people have for companies.

Say what you will about the litigation practices in the U, but this type of situation is easily and readily handled with one phone call from a lawyer. At most, it would take 15 minutes. I know this because I have had to do it before.

To me, it is a total lack of respect on the part of some of these Polish companies to behave in such a manner. I can only observe and shake my head at their attitude. Thank God it has not happened to me personally because I do not know what I would resort to.

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  1. Sometimes one phone call from a lawyer works here too, but unfortunately sometimes, nothing works.

    Another option is "the debt collector" (komornik) but they get a cut. A third option is selling the debt, but again they get a cut too. That last two options are really only worth it for larger debt and some institutions will not buy debt under 50,000. PLN. The worst is when you have to pay tax on the money you haven't received (and may never receive).

    We have been successful with the "annoy the heck out them" strategy and also the "find an ally in the accounting dept" strategy.

    Good luck!