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Friday, August 5, 2011

No Name for This

I had an experience that I cannot give a name to. Just let me explain ...

I park in Centrum sometimes (Warsaw) when I have an early class. There is a lot of free parking in this part of Warsaw (near Central Station) at 7:00 am. So, I went to teach my class last week as usual, and, as usual, I parked in my usual free spot.

The area where I park is actually not for parking. Like in many parts of Warsaw, people park in any way that they can because of the tremendous amount of cars and the lack of space. I even saw a car near my home that was literally parked in the middle of the street. The mentality seems to be that as long as other cars can get pass, the parking is legal. This person has parked in the street several times and I have never seen him get a citation.

I got a citation last week. Although I was parked on the prohibited area on this street, many cars do the same and there is never a citation. When I saw the ticket, I couldn't believe it. Why was my car singled out? Then I found out ... I did not have a parking ticket in my car from the parking machine.

So, it is OK to park in a prohibited space as long as you buy a parking permit from the machine???!!!!! I want to scream and laugh at the same time. This seems so ridiculous I cannot figure out what to do ... except pay the ticket.

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